Journey through refinement and gastronomy in our Bilzen restaurant

The Akko restaurant in Bilzen invites you to enjoy a refined experience combining elegance of place and plate.

Akko is above all a story of passion. The passion of its chef, Sébastien Oger, for pure and carefully prepared products. A passion for French gastronomy with a touch of modernity. And a passion for heritage, highlighted by the magnificent garden decor of the Alden Bilzen Commandery, which blends elegantly into the modern atmosphere of this fine gastronomic restaurant in Limburg.




Introducing our chef

Sébastien Oger is a young, creative chef who is as much a craftsman as he is a chef. He impresses above all with his pure cooking, focused on the very essence of the products he offers. It’s a love of taste and refinement that he shares with a dynamic and meticulous team.



A timeless gastronomic restaurant

A modern and elegant address nestled in the heart of a heritage nugget, the Akko restaurant brilliantly blends tradition and modernity. Let yourself be surprised by a generous menu combining French gastronomy and creative audacity. The menu varies according to the seasons and the inspiration of the chef Sébastien Oger. The only constant is the quality of the products.



The Knight's Bar, Akko's sparkling neighbour

The Knight's Bar, located in the historic part of Martin's Rentmeesterij, is perfect for an afterwork drink or tête-à-tête in an exceptional setting. It’s a unique setting for a delicious cocktail or one of many other drinks on the menu of this sophisticated address.


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