The Knight's Bar – a fizzing cocktail of old and new

Enjoy the vibrant combination of elegance and history at The Knight’s Bar – conveniently located next to the Akko restaurant.

Appreciate its cosmopolitan ambiance as soon as you walk through the doors of The Knight’s Bar, with its leather seats, wooden beams and elegant bar area. It’s an important historic venue that once housed the area's governor before being creatively transformed.


Gather round the table of The Knight's Bar

The Knight's Bar in Bilzen is the perfect place to spend an evening relaxing or enjoying an aperitif before dining at the nearby Akko restaurant. Sit on the sunny terrace or make the most of the cosy atmosphere inside to spend precious time with your partner or friends. The varied menu has something for everyone and any occasion, with a fine selection of local beers and wines, as well as bubbles, gins and liqueurs.


More than just a Limburg bar, it's a place of history

The Knight's Bar and the neighbouring Akko restaurant owe their names to the Teutonic Order of Knights, which founded the Alden Biesen estate in the 13th century. The order became known for its crusades to the Holy Land in Jerusalem. One of the most famous cities along the route was Akko, better known as Saint John of Acre. In the 12th century, the Knights occupied the town of Akko and founded a field hospital there for pilgrims and crusaders travelling to the Holy City.

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