For Sébastien Oger, cooking is first and foremost a hard-earned blend of skill, passion and precision. Young and creative, this chef, who graduated from the Ilon-Saint-Jacques hotel school in Namur, has already accumulated considerable experience working in Michelin-starred restaurants. His career has already seen him work under the guidance of renowned Belgian chef, Yves Mattagne.

In 2020, Sébastien took charge of the gastronomic restaurant Akko, which he runs with enthusiasm and inventiveness. For Sébastien, cooking is not just a profession – it’s a way of life. He considers himself as both a craftsman and cook – an artist creating flavour with exceptional products.

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Sébastien Oger, passion at the heart a gastronomic restaurant


Who is Sébastien Oger, chef of the Akko restaurant in Bilzen?

Originally from Namur, Sébastien lives in Perwez. One of his main strengths is his immense creativity. A culinary architect, he loves to create flavoursome dishes that surprise with aroma and design – plates of food that are lovingly prepared with care to seduce the eyes and the palate.


A gastronomic destination that blends tradition and modernity

The Akko restaurant in Bilzen serves natural, contemporary cuisine. This is clearly reflected in the design of the dishes, which combine no more than six flavours to ensure perfect blends of aroma and flavour. Although a huge fan of variety and change, Sébastien Oger has one constant: his love of finesse and local produce.


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